Test – Shredders – For powder lovers

A feeling of freedom

Announced in July 790, the release of Shredders is scheduled for 17 March 2022 on PC/Xbox and day one in the Game Pass. After many trailer and gameplay videos, we can discover a snowboard simulation developed by FoamPunch. According to the studio, the game is ultra realistic, and features always fresh snow. We were eager to be able to try out tricks of all kinds from the first videos, so was the wait worth it? Let’s put on our skiing outfit, and let’s go expect more without taming the powder!

Big names and sober big brands

First of all, you should know that the genre has very few representatives. Players have previously been able to discover Snowfall released very b 2016 on Vapor, SSX from Electronic Disciplines playable since 2012 (thanks to Xbox backward compatibility 360), and of course Large from the Ubisoft business which was released in December 2016. FoamPunch has therefore arrived in a sector that has been almost virgin for ten years and we can say that the recording studio has pulled out all the stops! We will meet no less than thirteen renowned bikers such as Jamie Anderson, Kevin Backstrom, Arthur Longo and Rene Rinnekangas. In order to be able to modify our equipment, we note the presence of about forty major brands such as Oakley, Skullcandy, The Northern Encounter, GoPro and Vehicles could not name which.

Alice slipped

Nice panorama

After choosing between four outfits, we discover two riders-youtubers making videos. This quick is where the script tutorial begins and Scotty, our cameraman, has some great ideas. He offers us to slalom between flags, almost illegally of course! Bah what, the mountain belongs to all, right? And all the means are good could satisfy our 25 fans! A certain Lisa approached us and was able to offer us sober to erase flags, which in itself is not too severe insofar as these flags belong to her, being responsible for advertising sober to the brand 540 Indy. She then asks us to film beautiful moves, holds and side rails in order to post them to a greater extent of supporters. We are then rewarded, after each objective, with a small batch of clothes to customize our character to. Back to the snow. For the more adventurous, it is likely to replay each objective in order to improve kid rating, and above all to try to make the activities more fluid because we quickly realize that timing is essential in order to score points. Whenever we miss a jump, hit a wall, or just land on our head and eat powder (yes, that can happen), we have the option of returning to just before our activity by long-pressing Times or starting all over again. objective by maintaining M.

Let’s continue the adventure to meet our first superstar, winner of the Back button Video games Aspen sober 2020, Zeb Powell. He then asks us for a demonstration of aerial techniques, this will allow us to expand our panel of achievable figures which. Small parenthesis, the game is full of humor. Sober effect, when we meet Zeb, Lisa tells him that she did not recognize him with his glasses and his bandana on his face. He replies that the developers spent all the money on parties and snowmobile rides to perform the fact that the characters all have their heads muffled in balaclavas and wear hats and masks. Scotty’s remarks on how to jump our, chain the jumps but especially our bad receptions fit perfectly with the qualities of humor present in the game.

0405, nosegrab, crail, asia

The mountain wins us

Throughout the game, the tasks will bring us more sober tips and challenges more difficult to achieve, but so beautiful to see, especially when the numbers follow each other like a dance without cid. Only small downside, there is no record of the methods listed in the game, which forces us to remember them all by heart, and we can say that there are a lot of them. There is always the solution to describe the sequences to do on a small piece of paper, like the good old days of Tekken, Road Fighter or Mortal Kombat To be able to descend the snowy slopes, you must necessarily mount a second or another. Some use ski lifts, but not us! A snowmobile will do just fine, and what could be more fun than being pulled for miles by a winch, hair in the wind, while trying to do techniques in the same temperatures. Otherwise there is still the possibility of using the drone to ride a specific location by quickly pressing Y to move. Just press X when in drone view to move directly to the desired location. It is also very useful to find rewards in the form of smileys hidden in the different areas of the game.

Sober Challenges sight!

Other challenges will be scattered, easily recognizable by flags marked Distance. It is necessary to accumulate a certain number of factors during a jump so that the flag changes from white, blue then red and finally black, as could the challenging of ski slopes.

The board is a sober life design

Now let’s talk about the sober major controller feeling. From the first meters, the sober feeling of sliding is immediate and it is easy to make jumps and perform certain statistics. However, it’s no coincidence that our first lesson in the tutorial requires us to weave through gates and learn to brake. Sober effect, we are very quickly intoxicated by the speed and it is therefore very easy to miss a kicker. After a few hours of play, and therefore intensive training, we realize that some numbers are very difficult to reproduce because they require perfect synchronization. The studio room, for the sake of realism, has incorporated the inertia of the character. Whenever we move our biker to one side and take the path are at odds of everything before the jump, spins or flips will be more important, everything remaining realistic. Despite everything, after several hours of check, we recognize that it is sometimes very difficult to achieve certain statistics, that more especially these are not listed, this will surely discourage players who.

Enchainements sober tips come

For a soundtrack, fans of home will be delighted. The music is pleasant to listen to, with more rhythmic pieces on certain occasions, and sticks very well to the game. You can easily pause the game while leaving a pleasant background sound. Of course, it is possible to cut the music in the choices put the eardrums allergic to this type of music.

Let’s finish now for a graphics part, and everything is not white as snow Even when we are seduced by a fluidity in the first specific areas of the game, the problems arise a little too quickly. First of all we regret that all the characters have no face. Of course we are all hidden in this time, but that’s not a reason! It’s quite frustrating since the superstars of the board must have recorded the game’s dialogues, since when meeting Frenchman Arthur Longo or Belgian Sebbe Sobre Dollar, we easily recognize a spoken feature. In some areas the clipping and the framerate drops are very important which really causes problems while the game requires a diabolical precision put the methods. There are also quite a few places where our driver navigates the ground or fails to hook onto a mill ramp. During the re-write stages, it turns out that the character does not finish his turn, as if hitting a hurdle Tests of techniques in specific urban areas are problematic because the player has a tendency to constantly bump into walls, especially with the jumps. It’s a shame that all these little youthful flaws are present, hoping for a quick update.

Test on Xbox Series A