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After a sober release in August 2021 on Computer and Nintendo Change, Dreamscaper joined the Xbox ecosystem and directly the Game Move on February 3 2022. Developed by Afterburner Studios, a tiny North American team, the Sony Ericsson title presents itself as expired and retry. Considering fierce competition, have the creators, having worked on the renowned franchises of NBA 2K and Things of Battle, managed to set Dreamscaper apart from other games of the type?


Like many, Cassidy played a PS1

The game starts while we dream, but this learned dream quickly turns into a nightmare when a sober monster appears out of nowhere to grab our leg. We wake up with a start to find that our character is a young girl named Cassidy. Ten years later, we find our hero, now a young woman, moving into his new apartment in the town of Redhaven. After the very quick tutorial on getting started with fights, our hero falls asleep and the adventure really begins!

Fight sober view!

As in everything past away and retry, we have our temperament a sober strategy different body and ranged weapons, but also shields and powers. Using them is visible on the minimap, which allows us to browse all the specific areas of attached to in order to improve our arsenal for the fantastic last fight. The table of results is presented in a book at the very end of each level or game and offers us to consult several data such as the duration spent in the level, the managers ignored, the damage inflicted and received, as well as our total development in the game. Dreamscaper is made up of two intertwined worlds: the waking world and the dream world. In the first, Cassidy discovers new places, characters and activities. The progress made thus makes it easier to get rid of enemies browsing his nightmares thanks to new skills and improvements. In the world of dreams, it is possible to find various products such as sparks or memories, which allow us to improve our panoply which, but also to initiate shoots more interactions with people discovered in the real life of our heroine. This is the beneficial circle that leads us to discover the whole story and a sober personality Cassidy who.

… to be reborn in his life

Natural graphics

Every day the young woman will improve her relationships with the people she meets, which allows sober to chat and sober to discover everyone’s sober interests. We then gain influence allows us to acquire powerful improvements in the world of dreams which.

As for a major sober grip, against all odds, it remains perfect. Our character reacts immediately to our requests, even when we are surrounded by many enemies and have to string together several rhythmic attacks. The work provided by the facilities is really good. In addition, it should be noted that for el pass away and retry, the game remains quite basic. After a few hours of play, it is quite easy to pass the level, without even having been contacted by the enemy, unlike games of the same kind, like Hads or Curse of the Deceased Gods, which require a lot more focus. Finally, the main complaints that we can blame Dreamscaper are too pronounced a redundancy of the levels and the rather poor bestiary, which tarnish the experience. It takes around thirty hours to finish the game, which is acceptable.

The soundtrack fits the game perfectly, whether during walks in the waking world or during rhythmic fights encounter with employees. Even after several hours, we never tire of the bewitching records of the game. Una artistic path when it is sumptuous. The choice of colors, the small details here and d are very beautiful, and it is not uncommon to admire the scenery after a fight.

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