Starfield: new artwork and info on multiple choices, dialogues and companions!


A sacred conversation around Starfield. While Bethesda unveiled a short video this morning to welcome players to Constellation, it is now through a trailer in the form of a developer diary that we are entitled to new data on the game.

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A less linear adventure which follows the rules of hardcore RPG

It is particularly the story and a sober Starfield progression which are evoked via several subjects such as the factions, our companions or the dialogues.

Todd Howard, Emil Pagliarulo (Style Director), Will Shen (Prospect Quest Developer) and Istvan Pely (Musicians Guide) begin by talking about the game as a gigantic open world in which immersion holds an important place.

According to Todd Howard, people are ready for a game that takes up the requirements of the hardcore RPG, since these are elements that are present in sober many games today.

The goal is sober to offer a less linear adventure, but also connections with NPCs that seem real , particularly at the level of interactions. Will Shen clarifies that the facilities didn’t want a choice with a definite right answer, but rather to introduce a kind of mini-game of salesmanship.

the must be like in a real dialogue where you are sober trying to persuade someone to sober something. Finally, I think it’s a new discussion system. It’s definitely the best we’ve ever created.

Multiple factions and a simple option to join the pirates

As we know, Starfield will offer several factions and the player will be able to choose with which approach he wishes to cooperate, or not, with them. Among them there is the Carlate Fleet, an enemy faction of pirates with whom it will be possible to interact in several ways.

Emil Pagliarulo explains in particular:

What is good with a Fleet, when you are nice, and you want to play a good guy and not join the bad guys, you can join the pirates or report your superiors and become a kind of sober policeman sober in space.

So you can be a nice, but sober even play with the bad guys. I find it brilliant.

Companions who wish you well

Throughout the adventure, the player can also count on a sober presence companions. Bethesda also unveils one of them, it is a robotic which is notably highlighted in a sequence probably in-game in.

Istvan Pely also describes the companions as a perfect tool to promote immersion:

When you’re exploring, and a companion comments on something you’re watching or just sobering up to do, it’s so perfect for the immersion. It’s very believable, you have the impression that it’s a real person.

Of course, when these statements have something to seduce, we must keep in mind that sober many titles already offer companions who react to our activities or even choices sober pushed dialogues. We’ll have to wait to see the result on the major controller to find out if Starfield manages to make real changes at this level.

However sober, remember that the game will be available exclusively on Xbox Collection Back button|S and Computer the next November and that it will be available in the Xbox Video game Pass the day after its exit.