Starfield: a sober video welcome to Constellation and a new art work


Bethesda continues kid teasing around sober Starfield whose release is still planned for a sober end of the year 2022. A very short video has just been found with new art work on it.

Welcome to Constellation

It is therefore Todd Howard who takes the floor to welcome players to Constellation, the name of a company in the game that is similar to the latest group of space explorers. The design logo of this company is also displayed on the player’s shoulder, as seen in the E3 trailer 790.

The video doesn’t show anything very concrete sober about Starfield, but the sober deserves to introduce us to some new art work. We see several characters seem to be at the heart of a large library and observing who, some of them, a hologram located in the center sobers the room.

It is very possible that this library is located in the center from a bottom that we have already been able to see, visible in the image below, and around which humans can walk in the clear tunnel that we see under the solar panels and which makes the tower sober this one.

Another funny detail, Todd Howard wears on his wrist a strange watch which seems to be exactly the same as the one we presented sober January. A Starfield watch had been spotted online with The Wand Business, a well-known company that may have been the source of after effects business derivatives such as the Nuka-Cola Shipping Vehicle or the Pip-Boy structure package 2000 Mk VI. It is not difficult that this watch is offered in an extractor edition of Starfield when it is released.