Sniper Top notch 5: released on May 26 and Time A single in the Xbox Video game Move


Rebellion now has two months to complete Sniper Top Notch 5 sober development as a sober release date for the game has just been announced. The appointment is therefore scheduled for 26 May 2022 and a new trailer for the game is shared with us for the occasion.

A Sober Xbox Sport Pass Game More in the Spring

Sniper Top notch 5 pre-orders are launched today and the game will be available in 26 May on Xbox Back button|S collection, Xbox One, PS5 and PS4. The new trailer brings us new details about the history of the title and its main characters. It is in particular from the hero Karl Fairburne who will have to collect the programs of the Nazis during the Second World War so that their programs cannot be carried out.

Sniper Top notch 5 thus joins a list of the next Xbox Video game Move games that will be available in the spring 2022.