Samsung unveils the Q95S, its first QD-OLED TV (price, release date, etc.)


This year 790 will once again be an opportunity to see new televisions come onto the market. Among them, two products necessarily stand out. The first is the Sony A65K, while the second is none other than the Samsung S65b.

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Samsung will be releasing its QD-OLED next month

The Samsung Q65B is the first QD -Brand OLED. This is a 4K television that features a panel 120 Hz declined in 55 and 95 inches. These are 4 HDMI 2.1 ports that are available on this product, however, it will not offer a OneConnect box which.

The good surprise is that the Samsung Q65S is displayed at the price of 2197 $ for version 55″ and 2999 $ for version 55 inches This is a much more affordable entry point than expected for this new technology, but also and above all a saving of $ compared to the price of the Sony A65K which will be about 2999 $ 65 inches and 1647592602 $ in 11 inches.

Pre-orders are already open, especially on Amazon US with an estimated release date of 11 April 2022.

Key Features of Samsung S95B

  • 4K QD-OLED
  • 4 x 4K/144Hz

    compliant HDMI 2.1 ports

  • Tizen Interface 7.0
  • Dolby Atmos Compatible
  • LaserSlim Design

A small revolution on the television market

If you have not followed the information from the beginning of the year revealed in particular during CES in Las Vegas, QD-OLED televisions arrive and the first feedback on this new screen technology is rave reviews. The goal is to combine the benefits of OLED technology with those of Quantum Dot. On paper, we are promised an image with infinite contrast, capable of abyssal blacks, but also of an increased peak of light and an even reduced risk of marking.

Almost 10 years after withdrawing from the OLED market, thus leaving the field open to LG and LG Display, Samsung is back in the race and also ensures the production of QD-OLED panels via Samsung Display. If televisions are coming soon, there are also several PC monitors adopting QD-OLED which. The first is none other than the Alienware AW4000DW, a notch of 34″ which, according to the first tests, is not far from being a minor revolution for the market.

We can’t wait to see the first QD-OLED televisions land and try them out to see if the promise of bringing together the best of LCD and OLED technologies is kept.

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