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Refurbished Xbox Series X are being sold for 419.99 by Microsoft UK


Finding an Xbox Series X is always quite complicated. Whether in France or elsewhere, Microsoft’s new generation console is only available in small quantities and you have to be patient to hope to buy one.

The good news is that Microsoft is starting to offer refurbished consoles on the Microsoft Store.

Less expensive Xbox Series X

It’s for At the moment only in the UK it’s possible to find Xbox Series Xs at a slightly cheaper price. Usually sold new 306,790 on British territory, several consoles are available today at the price of 306,99.

These are certified machines that are, according to Microsoft, consoles having undergone a complete process of discount before being offered for resale new. The console is guaranteed months and all original accessories are provided.

Consoles available in France

The other good news is that these machines are available in France. Be careful though, the price offered is not necessarily interesting with us and the mains socket is logically type G. An adapter could therefore be necessary.

According to the exchange rate currently in force, 449,99 corresponds to a little more than 500, i.e. the price of a new console in France. If you still want to buy the console from the Microsoft Store UK, the estimated delivery date is 23 March 2023.

We hope that the firm will soon offer the same program on its French site in order to acquire a console refurbishes for less.

Buy a refurbished Xbox Series X

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