Quantic Dream (Super star Wars Eclipse) is working on 3 new games and wants to be reassuring


Quantic Dream has distinguished itself several times in recent months. Cuando the studio room has in particular revealed with great fanfare the trailer for Superstar Wars Eclipse in, the new action-adventure game with multiple inspirations, we also have several less gratifying things.

in particular, a supposedly challenging sober Parisian company to recruit which has caused a lot of ink to flow, today pushing a firm to speak out.

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Some staff increases sober 2022

In a sober press release published two days ago, we learn that the studio has increased its sober workforce % sober 1280 and that he knows for a third consecutive time a year postponed with a world result wide web consolidated before tax sober plus sob re 5.8 D .

It’s sober part thanks to the sober success Detroit: Become Human being which has become the best-selling game of the facilities. Guillaume de Fondaumire, Managing Director of Quantic Fantasy, declares as follows:

Our very good banking results are explained by the robustness sales of our flagship titles, and in particular Detroit: Become Individual, which exceeded the symbolic mark of one million copies sold on Vapor during the year 790. This title is now the most important industrial success of Quantic Wish, with more than 6.5 million copies sold on Computer and PS4.

3 games sober development

The facility claims that the 2022 will mark an important milestone in the development of 3 games currently under construction in Montreal and Paris, France. As we learned last January, there could be a AAA game of Medieval Illusion among the business projects. sober recruitment the capital was opened on the two sober manufacturing websites Quantic Desire.

After a sober year of constant growth sober our workforce, we are opening a second major routine sober recruiting on our two creation websites located in Montreal and Paris, France.

In a constant process of innovation, we open up new varieties of games and challenges and we will continue an essential effort in Research and Development. This offers great points of view for those wishing to work on ambitious and innovative projects, within diverse and increasingly feminized teams.

Sober difficult to really know what sony ericsson is going on at Quantic Fantasy and when a game like Superstar Wars Eclipse will arrive or not before 2027. The aprendí recording studio wants to be reassuring and all that remains is to wait before learning more about its current projects.

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