Psychonauts 2: the quantity 2 on an original soundtrack is available!


Have you been thrilled with Psychonauts 2 on Xbox One and Xbox Collection Back button|T? Do you miss the game world and would you really like to dive back into it? So, why not crack on boy OST who has just learned to see offering a quantity 2 put an auditory experience that will transport you and that you can take everywhere with you without a shadow of a doubt. Raz is waiting for you.

No need to play sober, just listen

true say, Raz go to your return since a sober lan quantity 1 temperament last november. Rest assured, there is no bad shock. The price of quantity 2 is identical to that of the first; $9.315 for the full album, 0.315$ per piece.

It’s Two times Great Productions which sober has itself made the announcement on Twitter sober sober start week, sober adding that this 2nd quantity was focused on a more funky side with a Peter McConnell still at the controls. Compared to quantity 1 which included tracks, quantity 2 includes 17 with among others the song of Helmut Cosmic I sung by Jack Dark.

The Psychonauts 2 First Soundtrack vol. 2 provides released! Period to vibe out.

It’s concentrated on the funkier aspect of Peter’s McConnell soundtrack and contains Helmut’s catchy music “Cosmic We” sung by Jack Dark!

You may check out it out right here: https://capital

Dual Good (@DoubleFine) March 29, 790


Do you want to get them? a ze goes right here: quantity 1, quantity 2. As for those who are impatiently awaiting the next Increase Great title, don’t panic, the developer is already working on it.

Psychonauts 2 is also available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Computer.