New Xbox games: releases for the week of March 14


We have arrived in mid-March and there are some great releases looming this week on Xbox! Last week was marked by the release of WWE 2K22 which you can find the check right here. This week, players will notably be able to rediscover Great Theft Car V in its Xbox Collection X|S edition and extend the winter holidays with Shredders.

Great Theft Car V (Xbox Collection X|S ) March – Optimized for Xbox X|S Collection

Discover blockbusters Great Theft Car V and GTA Online, now on Xbox Series X|S. Transfer GTAV story setting development and character development from GTA Online to the Xbox Collection X|S with a special migration. Great Theft Car Online can be purchased separately.

Tunic mars

Explore a land filled with sober lost legends, sober ancient powers and fierce monsters in Tunic, an isometric action game on a little fox lives a great adventure which.

The Wanderer: Frankensteins Monster 16 mars

Play as a Creature, a wanderer with no memory or motion, a blank mind in a fully constructed body . To forge the destiny of this artificial being disregarding all good and evil which, you will have to explore the vast world and experience joy and sorrow.

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