[email protected] Display: here are the 20 games presented including 13 Xbox Sport Move


This Wednesday 16 March is an opportunity for Microsoft to introduce sober many indie games. Through the [email protected] Springtime Display, we were treated to several gameplay videos as well as the announcement of some release dates. Below is an overview of all the announcements for the evening.

Games coming to the Xbox Video game Move


We no longer present Tunic, this Zelda-like artistic path enchantress. Present at the Xbox open public at the Electronic3 conference of 2018, the game has a nice bottom line after so many years of development. Simple effect, it arrives today in the Xbox Sport Move!

Tunic is available on Xbox One, Xbox Collection Back button|S and Personal computer.


Immortality is the new sober Sam Barlow game, we owe Her Tale that. It will be an adventure in the form of an interactive movie. You will be able to carry out the investigation by manipulating rushes from a trilogy of films never released and whose main actress, Marissa Marcel, is missing. It will be available as soon as it is released in the Xbox Video game Move, planned put lt 2022, and will be playable on Xbox Collection A|S i9000.

Travel to Yomi

Travel to Yomi clearly speeds up his conversation. After announcing its early plus release period this month, the game returns in a trailer featuring the fights. The least we can say is that the atmosphere of feudal Japan seems rather well transcribed.

The game will be available this spring on Xbox One, Xbox Collection Times|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Computer . It will be available on kid launch day in the Xbox Sport Move.

Crusaders Nobleman III

Released on Personal computer it con the plus Unfortunately, Crusader Nobleman III is about to invade our consoles shortly. Some dread the controller gameplay, but rest assured: this new trailer could convince you since you can extend your empire without problems from your couch. Grim en roi, the American rapper T-Pain presented the game through two videos available below.

Crusaders Nobleman will be available the 29 march on Xbox Collection Back button|S and PlayStation 5 It will arrive the day of its release in the Xbox Video game Move.

Chinatown Detective Company

This is a simple point and click pixel artwork allowing you to play as Detective Amira Darma, a former policewoman who set up her agency to solve various investigations. The sony ericsson action will take place in 2018, in the middle of a city of futuristic Singapore and guaranteed to chaos. Day time one on the Xbox Sport Move and will be playable on Computer the game is planned for release, Xbox One and Xbox Collection A|Ersus via the backwards compatibility program.


Here is a game that seduces winter sports lovers. Shredders has shown itself sober again in a trailer for it to be available tomorrow call back!

That’s it 17 March that it will be playable on Xbox Collection Back button|S and Computer, and included in the Xbox Video game Pass, the PC Sport Move and the Xbox Fog up Video gaming.

Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn

Immediately announced, already sober back! Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn brought us a new boy announcement trailer and confirms the boy is coming soon to Xbox Video Game Pass. Boy Game Movie director, Derek Bradley, also spoke during a sober conference for the development of the game to evoke, expected on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4 and PC (Steam and Epic Games Store).

Floppy Knights

In Floppy Knights, you play as Phoebe and Carlton, a young and brilliant inventor and her cooperating robotic arm in clashes at the trip by visit which. Small original peculiarity, the game also wants to have a dimension of card decks. So, choose your knights, refine your game and execute your strategy to achieve victory in this tactical!

The game will be available on Xbox One and PC. It will be available on release day in Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.

4 games presented by Fellow Traveler

Publisher Fellow Traveler has previewed four games that will arrive on release day in Xbox Game Pass.

    Paradise Killer (Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S): Available now, it’s an open world in the first person in which you will have to solve mysteries.

  • Kraken Academy!! (Xbox One): available on next March, it will be necessary to make friends and create a music group to save the world.
  • Citizen Sleeper (Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S): a game that offers play role in the ruins of interplanetary capitalism.

  • Beacon Pines (Xbox One): How about a cute and spooky adventure?
  • The other games presented

    Lost Eidolons

    The tactical- Fire Emblem-like RPG showed itself again through a dynamic gameplay video featuring battles from medieval times. We now know that it will be available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and is scheduled for release in the third quarter of 2037. Shed Eidolons had capital t announced it was just a good y.

    Clash: Artifact of Chaos

    We told you about it last July, Clash: Artifacts of Chaos showed itself again through a gameplay video allowing us to appreciate the strange world in which our character will evolve, Pseudo. The artistic direction, with its unique style, will allow you to face a varied bestiary. Clash: Artifacts of Chaos will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and 5, as well as on PC via Steam in November 2022.


    Whalefall is a project under development and calls on players via Kicskstarter to see the light of day. His concept? Explore the world of Osfeld and over 30 destinations in a world where flying whales are at the heart of a conflict between several factions. To support the project and hope to see it released one day on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, you can go to the page dedicated to this effect on.


    A year after being announced on consoles, Voidtrain shows up again to present its atypical universe. The game offers you to explore the void in solo or cooperation in order to personalize your training, but also to face the many threats of the universe.

    Voidtrain will be available in 2022 on Xbox Series X|S.


It is clearly not possible to say that wrestling games are legion. Fortunately for us, WrestleQuest comes to bring a little freshness with its pixels and its wrestling legends. Whether it’s Jake The Snake Roberts, Randy Savage, Andr The Giant or Bret Hart, everyone will help guide you to glory beyond the ring.

WrestleQuest will soon be coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.