Hogwarts Legacy: Avalanche Software teases gameplay ahead of State of Play


Let’s be honest, Hogwarts Legacy has allowed the Harry Potter saga to make a big splash in our gaming universe. It must be said that the wizarding world had remained quite discreet through our favorite hobby since the end of the cinematographic saga, if we except Broomstick League launched in Early Access on Steam in 2020. Today, things have changed a bit and it is easy to imagine why.

Why wait tonight?

It’s probably because Avalanche Software is too impatient before the broadcast of the State of Play scheduled for this evening that the studio has used its Twitter account to give us a taste of what awaits us in Hogwarts Legacy. The studio’s publication thus contains a video accompanied by the following message:

Two more days! We can’t wait to finally show you the magic we’ve created in @HogwartsLegacy.

allows you to briefly appreciate the dormitories of Gryffindor house in which a student has just woken up. The latter reproduce quite faithfully the decorations that we have seen in the films or those described in the books.

Two more days! We can’t wait to finally show you the magic we’ve been creating in @HogwartsLegacy.

Thursday, March 17 @PlayStation #StateofPlay pic.twitter.com/uTJkXD1UfK

WB Games Avalanche (@AvalancheWb) March 17, 2022


There are finally two excerpts

If the developer wanted to offer us a small dose of teasing, it is however not the last available and it is a few hours of the reveal that a gif allows us to see the common room of Hogwarts and the magic hat in the process of distributing the new students of the castle in the different houses .

As a reminder, #HogwartsLegacy will be present tonight 22: 00 with 14 minutes of gameplay.

A few developers will also be present to give context and more ex plications.

Will we be entitled to a release date for September? pic.twitter.com/3m2vXP0L2D

Xboxygen (@Xboxygen) March 22 , 2022

State of Play will follow from 22 h on Xboxygen and we sincerely hope that a release date will be announced for this software in addition to the 14 minutes of gameplay promised.