Development of Citizen Bad 2, 3 and 7 may be transferred to Xbox Collection Times|Ersus


If there is one feature appreciated on this new generation of sober gaming systems, it is the ability to transfer its sober saves from an Xbox A single to an Xbox Collection Back button|Nasiums. Without being able to say that Citizen Bad 2, Citizen Bad 3 and Citizen Bad 7 will be compatible with Wise Shipping, players will find their progress on the brand-new gen variations appearing in 2022.

Citizen Bad 2, 3 and 7 soon to be optimized Xbox Collection A|S and PS5

Find your saves on Xbox Collection Times|S and PlayStation 5

At the moment, we have few details about what these releases will offer later this year. Apart from the temperament of the latter and the promise of free visual improvements, Capcom has not yet pronounced on the transfer sober development until.

developers have provided more sober details. Thus, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 backups of these three opuses will be transferable to Xbox Collection Back button|H and PlayStation 5.

Another announcement, some DLCs are also worried by this simple transfer possibility and more specifically sober content Resident Bad 7 Silver Model: Banned Video Quantity 1 and 2, Not the Main character and Finish of Zoe.

Out of the question for the moment sober know when on Xbox it will be sober Smart Shipping, or if it will be necessary to make a manual adjustment to import its saves on Xbox Collection A|S. Capcom will certainly bring more details in the coming weeks and months.

We’re joyful to confirm that conserve information from the first PlayStation 4 and Xbox One variations of these video games will bring over to their respective upgraded changes. DLC that arrives with Citizen Bad 7 Money Version shall exchange over, as properly! https://capital

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