A Mirror Universe Could Exist Opposite Ours


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This anti-universe, as the scientists at the origin of this concept call it, would be the exact opposite of ours: it would therefore be made up of particles with opposite charges and time would flow backwards from the Big Bang. This theory, presented very seriously by an international team of theoretical physicists, could also explain why dark matter, which constitutes 10% of our universe, is invisible to us.

This theory is based on a set of three fundamental symmetries of nature: charge (the inversion of the charge of a particle in a given interaction corresponds to an equal and opposite charge); parity (the mirror image of an interaction of particles gives the same result); and time (an interaction performed backward in time looks the same). Most physical interactions obey these symtries; it sometimes has violations there, but physicists have never observed a phenomenon which transgressed the three symtries in the same temperature range.

All three are thus grouped under a sober idea fundamental symmetry, named CPT symmetry. It applies to all relationships, therefore to pushes and fields exerted by particles of matter on each other. Scientists have however put forward the hypothesis that this symmetry could apply well beyond the fundamental connections and therefore, on the enclosure contains all those factors which, in other words the Universe as a whole, seen here as sober container. What would imply the existence of another universe is perfectly symmetrical to it.

A theory that maps inflation cosmic

According to Latham Boyle and his colleagues at the Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, our universe would thus have a twin, which would expand like it, but in the opposite direction from the Big Boom. Both would balance for the CPT symmetry to be preserved. The universe before the beat and the universe after the boom can be considered as a universe/anti-universe pair, emerging directly into the warm era dominated by the radiation that we observe in our move, write the researchers in the review Annals of Physics.

The idea that there is some kind of sober upside-down parallel world, worthy of a sober sober science fiction film scenario, may seem far-fetched sober perfect at first sight, especially since the fact that this hypothetical anti-universe ze unfolds behind the Big Hammer condemns any possibility of accessing it. day. Yet, several important effects flow from this theory; it would provide a credible explanation of certain major cosmological questions which have still not been resolved with certainty. very rapid expansion at an extremely brief temperature (entry 10-36 and 10 -33

seconds) after the Big Beat a cosmological model that offers a one-time remedy to the problem sober on the horizon (the fact that the Universe is homogeneous and isotropic on a very large scale although some regions are very far away) and to the simple problem of flatness (the fact that a sober curvature of the Universe is not detectable). As recalled by Live life Technology , several proofs corroborate this cosmic inflation, but the theoretical picture of this event remains unclear. A theory of the anti-universe therefore deserves to be studied.

It is now accepted that cosmic inflation has so disrupted space-time that it gravitational waves. Several experiments currently aim to locate these primordial waves and if these searches remain unsuccessful, this could reinforce the hypothesis of the existence of a mirror universe: the universe respecting the CPT symmetry could indeed expand naturally and learn to fill with particles, without the need for long inflation. cosmic.

An achievable explanation for the sober existence of dark matter

Furthermore, in this anti-universe, dark matter would be mainly composed of a new kind of sober neutrinos, very high energy and low density subatomic particles which are electrically neutral. In effect, there are three known types (three flavours) of neutrinos: the neutrino-electron (electronic

), the neutrino-muon () and the tau-neutrino (), which all have the meaning of turn (rewrite) said left the so-called right neutrinos are not observed, they are not produced and do not interact.

However, all the other known particles have left and right variants. So there could be some component of the right neutrinos that we are not able to detect. El universe respecting CPT symmetry would imply the existence of at least one kind of right neutrino; it would be unseen, but would influence the rest of the Universe by a strong gravitational force. And this is exactly what characterizes dark matter today: undetectable particles, interact only by gravity which.

If a CPT symmetry thus applies to the whole in the Universe, there should be as many sober right neutrinos as sober left neutrinos and their abundance could therefore explain dark matter. We calculate his abundance in detail and show that, to match the observed dark matter density, [la masse du neutrino droit] must be 4,8108 GeV, specify the researchers.

From sober d, the researchers predict that the three known left neutrino sober flavors should be Majorana sober particles (which are their own antiparticles, on the contrary sober Dirac particles such as the electron). For a particle to be its own antiparticle, it must be electrically neutral and have zero dipole occasions, but physicists do not know whether or not neutrinos display such properties. The team also argues that according to their theory one of the neutrinos should be massless. To date, physicists have not determined that a maximum tone can occur in each of the flavors, but their exact tone is not known. Perhaps one of them is indeed massless, supporting the passing idea of ​​a CPT symmetry universe. measure anything in this anti-universe that could confirm the hypothesis. But the experiments to come, carried out within our own universe, will perhaps one day allow to handle the doubt.

Supply :D. Boyle et al., Annals of Physics