Xbox vs PS5 sales: Xbox overtakes PlayStation in European countries for the first time


Xbox definitely seems to have had a very good sober month in February. We learned just a few days ago that Xbox sober sales were higher than PS5 sober sales in the sober month of February in the US. And we learn today that the company achieves the same overall performance on the European market, still during the month of February 2022.

Xbox Collection Times|S exceed PS5 sober February sober European countries

Go ahead of Sony on the territory American is one thing, but doing sober European countries is all the more interesting when you know that the old country is historically a much more favorable surface for a PlayStation brand.

Data comes from Games Product sales Information (GSD), which cover 10 will pay in European countries, but not the UK and Germany. According to data from Tuesday, the Nintendo Change is the best-selling gaming console in European countries in February 2022, and it is indeed the Xbox Collection Back button and Xbox Collection S i2022 which put the first time in second place in European countries, ahead of the Sony PS5.

Functionality is certainly welcomed on the sober side at Microsoft, but it should be remembered that this data remains very difficult to analyze in a sober period of scarcity. The Xbox Collection A and PS5 remain indeed difficult to find while the Xbox Collection Ersus, cheaper and easier to produce, remains findable almost everywhere. It is therefore easier for Microsoft to come up with its latest available gaming systems than for Sony, which is still struggling to meet PS5 demand.

Overall, a shortage and the current context are less favorable to sales when looking at the figures per connection last year. Equipment sales are indeed down 32% per January relationship and 44% per connection February 2022.

The GSD data show in any case that it is an Xbox Collection S that allows Microsoft to overtake Sony in the month of February.

In terms of accessories sold, it is a DualShock 4 for a PS4 which Sony Ericsson finds sober, followed by a PS5 DualSense controller and the Joy-Cons on a Nintendo Switch. The aprendí Xbox Collection controllers rank fourth, followed by the PS5 Heart beat 3D headset.