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Xbox admits it still has a ways to go to release big games on a regular basis

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The list of Xbox studios has nothing to envy to other major players in the industry, quite the contrary. When the acquisition of Activision Blizzard is formalized by June 2022, Microsoft will become the third player in the sector. Still, big Xbox exclusive and in-house developed games are still slow to arrive, and it was Phil Spencer who spoke on the subject recently, admitting that there was still a long way to go to arrive at the vision of the game. ‘business.

It was in June 2019, there almost 3 years old. Xbox had just had a great E3 conference and Matt Booty, head of Xbox studios, confirmed that the company’s goal was to massively supply the Xbox Game Pass catalog. This one confirmed that his wish was to release a big game every three months or so.

We would like to add a high quality game every about three months.

Since then, Xbox has released some big titles, and we note for example a second half 2021 particularly rich:

  • Psychonauts 2 – August 414

Age of Empires IV – October 2021

  • Forza Horizon 5 – November 2023
  • Halo Infinite – December 2021

    The year has ended with a bang for Xbox, but the pace has not yet lived up to the promises. The calendar for this beginning of the year 2022 is strangely empty, and no release date for a big Xbox game first party is not yet asked for the next 6 months. We know Redfall is due out this summer, but that seems too skimpy, especially when we see Sony releasing Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7, and Ghostwire Tokyo in the span of just three months, and even though PlayStation hasn’t nothing major came out at the end of the year 2021.

    This disparity in the year’s release schedule will be bridged as Xbox-acquired studios begin releasing games on a regular basis. Phil Spencer knows that the situation is not yet ideal, evidenced by his recent statement in the XboxEra podcast.

    We want to get to this point where there’s a steady stream of big games coming in that our customers can predict… We’re working on that right now, you know, and we don’t have a big game this quarter – so Matt Booty and the teams, and the ZeniMax teams… want to get to that point where we really have a great on-ramp for our platform and our games that people can continuously get excited about. And there’s still work to be done on that as we work with Covid and all.

    Phil Spencer admits that Xbox won’t release a big game this quarter, but it’s not impossible that a surprise will arrive by June.

    In the meantime, the Covid is still complicating today employee working conditions and the war in Ukraine also affects some developers. This is evidenced by the pause in the development of STALKER 2, the Xbox exclusive developed by the Ukrainian studio GSC Game World.

    The list of Xbox exclusives is larger than ever and the brand already has many big games announced. We are now waiting for the next big Xbox event which, we hope, will be able to specify the schedule of releases planned for the next few months.

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