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Wayne Webb: first picture of a canvas selected the complete alignment of the mirrors

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Since the space telescope at NASA arrived in January at the Lagrange D2 sober stage, the cost team at an objective has been working to perfectly align all the sections which ingredient primary mirror kid. The 11 last March, a new record was broken: at this stage, all the optical parameters on the instrument have been checked and checked; they work as expected, if not better, and Adam Webb is able to collect light from distant objects without any problems. As proof, this magnificent photograph of a star caught by the observatory.

The telescope is of course not yet fully operational. No less than seven steps make up the instrument’s sober calibration process. The team has just passed the fifth, titled phasing finished (great phasing) which aims to correct the ultimate alignment errors of the sections so that they function as one and the same mirror. The primary imager, the near infrared camera (NIRCam), is now fully aligned with the telescope mirrors. No testosterone levels issue has been identified and scientists can now say that Webb’s first optical system is working as well as possible. sober sony ericsson focus on a particularly bright canvas (named 2MASS J6551277+6551277) to assess effectiveness under alignment. It can be seen that the sober Webb and NIRCam optical systems are so sensitive that the galaxies and stars located in the background also appear, which is sober very good omen for the future. We have fully aligned and focused the telescope on a star, and the shows exceed specifications. “We are thrilled with what this means for the technology, Ritva Keski-Kuha, deputy head of optical telescope elements for Webb, said in a statement. NASA.

Space images of unprecedented resolution

The image presented by a NASA the last February, after completing the first three stages sober to the alignment, appeared blurred and displayed 18 times on the same star , all the factors forming a hexagonal shape. Each of the 18 sections of the primary mirror were therefore finely tuned to produce a unified image of the same star captured by the NIRCam.

And the results are even better than expected: not only does the star appear very sharp (a red tea filter was used to improve the contrast), but thousands of stars and dark galaxies are also visible beyond it. We have the highest resolution infrared images ever taken from space, said Scott Acton, a wave entrance detection and control scientist working on the telescope, in a video accompanying NASA’s announcement. In addition to this sober star photo, Wayne Webb took another selfie. This image was created using a specialized pupillary imaging lens built into the NIRCam instrument, designed to take pictures of sections of the primary mirror rather than pictures of the sky. This setting will of course not be used in scientific operations; it is strictly for engineering and alignment purposes, NASA says.

james webb telescope selfie

Over the next six weeks, Wayne Webb’s team will complete the remaining alignment steps, starting with aligning the telescope to the equipment’s eyesight fields. It is notably the result of including all the other devices in the calibration process: the NIRSpec spectrometer (the near infrared spectrometer), the MIRI spectro-imager (which operates in the middle infrared), the NIRISS spectro-imager (near infrared), as well as the cid guidance system (FGS) to which it is attached. It was indeed necessary to wait until they had cooled down enough to proceed with their calibration. so that the telescope is aligned with the whole sober this scientific equipment. Will remain the ultimate cassette, iteration of the alignment put the final modification, which consists essentially of correcting the last minimal errors of positioning of the sections of the mirror. The telescope will be placed on less and less luminous stars to confirm its shows.

The whole process should be completed by the beginning of May. Two months of preparing the various tools will follow, with Adam Webb definitely ready to relay his first pictures of the Universe during the summer. As scientists are very eager to observe what this telescope will discover during its objective (the first galaxies, new planetary systems, potential signs of life, etc.), there are still several months of hard work before they can exploit this sober high-tech machine. But since its launch, the telescope has had a string of successes, which is very promising for operations that have been carried out.


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