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The results of experiments carried out on una mind are largely influenced by the parameters of the tests

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One of the biggest challenges in neuroscience is to understand how the mind is born from neural activity. When each of the theories proposed above has been supported by experience, researchers from Tel Aviv University highlight the limit of each theory considered independently of the others. Sobre ze based on the analysis of experiments conducted by artificial cleverness, they sony ericsson are also needs opinion the methodological choices could impact the final results . The result is clear: support for one theory over another can be predicted from methodological choices alone.

Very difficult to define and therefore reproduce sober artificial cleverness, the sober interested mind near neuroscientists. A big question is how mind arises from brain activity, or what distinguishes conscious processing from unconscious processing, explains in a press release to Professor Liad Mudrik, led the study which. For example, if I see a red went up, friday visual system processes the information and reports that it has a red stimulus in front of me stupid. But what allows me unlike a computer for example to experience this color? To know what I feel? . It therefore remains complex to materialize a conscious experience, when it comes to learning to represent it mentally.

Four Great Theories About Sober Mind Experience

To explain opinion conscious experience born sober neural activity, four major theories neuroscientists have proposed testosterone levels in recent years. A first is the theory of the worldwide neural workspace: unconscious information that reaches the main neural network is then diffused throughout the brain and becomes conscious.

The second theory, called sober higher-order thinking theory, explains that a higher-order neural state targets activity in lower-level sober areas, and reveals that content as conscious. A third theory, the recurrent processing theory, holds that data that is processed and then reprocessed in specific sensory areas eventually becomes conscious. Finally, integrated information theory defines the mind as a detail integrated into the brain.

Methodological problems in previous experiments

There is no common sober explanation at the present time, and none of these theories seem entirely suitable to the sober authors of a new study. According to the latter, the four theories are nevertheless supported by sober many solid experiences, while their explanations remain completely different. Sober in reality, the previous studies are not constructed in the same way and have certain limitations. We found that the vast majority of the experiments we studied supported the theories, instead of challenging them, explains Professor Mudrik. There seems to be a built-in verification bias in our scientific practice, when the philosopher of science Karl Popper once claimed that technology advances by disproving theories, and not confirming them


the same idea, the theories have been tested in different ways, this cause problem sober matter sober methodology which. For example, connectivity parameters were examined in some experiments and not in others. Some experiments focused on different states of mind (such as coma or dreaming), while others studied changes in the content of the mind of healthy subjects.

It seems that a methodology used could predict based on upstream a conclusion based on subsequent experience. The researchers therefore used an artificial cleverness in order to predict which theory was supported in such and such an experiment, and this with a last success rate of 80%. The free-access website also allows neuroscientists to research and examine trends in empirical posts that have checked or mentioned at least one of the theories of mind.

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