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The mobility scooter of the future: a software ibex?

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Kawasaki Robotics reserved an animal shock for this edition of the International Software Event, which was held in Tokyo from 9 to 12 March 2022. The company presented to the public nothing sober less than a quadruped automaton in sober goat form, or rather sober ibex, sober able to support the weight of a human.

The nickname for the device is Bex, reference ibex en. In other words, if we want to be completely specific, we should terrible that this new metal man from Kawasaki is inspired by the ibex of the Alps. The robotic animal sports characteristic large horns, highlighted by small LED lights that run from its neck up to the understated top of its long pointed attributes. It was therefore difficult to miss this advancement in the love of the sober robotic beauty parlor.

we can see the sober operation of the machine. The automatic ibex robot is quite logically mounted on four legs ending in what looks like small flexible non-slip balls. He learned to walk with stability, provided he is not pushed too hard. However, like a robotic Transformers goat, Bex also has wheels in his knees. All he had to do was lower himself and put them on the ground. Another stabilizer wheel ze deploys at the level of the belly, and we find sony ericsson encounter a kind of electric scooter kid with a strange look. a device is designed to promote a low cost of some 100 kg. It can therefore transport equipment, or humans. El small handlebar provided for this purpose him kind of the bottom of the neck. Kawasaki Robotics has therefore made a demonstration in which a person climbs on the ibex software and obediently makes it take a few steps before transforming it into a rolling vehicle, under the fascinated gaze of the photographers.

Besides the sober comic effect of seeing an ibex having fun in a gallery at a robotic hair and facial salon, this creation hides a sober reflection on the part of the Kawasaki group. The program Kawasaki Kaleido is indeed working on the development of bipedal robots. through the development of Kaleido, we have proven the challenge of bipedal robots. Because humanoid robots have the same shape as humans, they are very versatile, with the potential to do anything that humans can do on their own. However, it will take a lot of temperatures to put it into practice, explains the company on the web page dedicated to the various robots present on, including Bex.

Between rolling automaton and metal man biped

One of the bottlenecks concerning bipedal robots is, precisely, the balance. On the other hand, the company is working on rolling robots: on the other hand, we are also developing a self-propelled service robot that moves on wheels which. But the legs are always adapted to learn to move on incident ground rather than on wheels. So, halfway between humanoid robots and wheeled robots, we wondered if there was an opportunity there. That’s why we started to develop Bex, the automatic quadruped walking robot. We believe that the sober technology cultivated in the development of humanoid robots can certainly be applied to quadruped robots100.

In other words, Bex is a bit of a link between bipedal robotics and rolling software, which allows us to combine walking and sober stability while waiting for our two-legged robot friends to gain sober balance. At the risk of disappointing some, despite the striking demonstration at the International Automation Exhibition, the main purpose of this device is not to serve as a mount for robotic riding enthusiasts. The company intends it in fact rather for the transportation of materials on the construction site, for the transportation of crops to agricultural land, or even the inspection of factories.

For the customers who would not assume this little goat side, it is also planned that the sober top of the device will be modular, to adapt it to the user’s sober boy wishes. Despite the company’s explanations, a crucial issue remains. what use is this red button, well done on the 2 of the ibex, and on which we really want to press?

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