STALKER 2: the name of the game changed on Vapor to reflect Ukrainian spelling


We are not going to give a history of recent events, but as you know, a war is raging in Ukraine. This is also the will pay of GSC Video game Entire world, the developers of the highly anticipated HTThe.LKEUr. 2: Cardiovascular of Chernobyl who were soberly forced to temporarily stop their project.

STALKER 2: the development of the Xbox exclusive Ukrainian FPS is suspended

Sober name change for STThe.LKE3rd there’s r 2 on Vapor

While we haven’t heard any news from them since the announcement on the suspension of development, TTThe.LKEL 2 might have changed its name…at least on Vapor.

Indeed, when you go to a web page of the game, you can see that it is now called STThe.LKEUr. 2: Coronary heart of Chornobyl. It is therefore from now on the Ukrainian spelling which is used rather than the Russian.

For the second, we are totally unaware of whether it is a sober taking position sober Vapor, or cuando the change the testosterone levels carried out on request sober GSC Sports Globe. Note that the Russian spelling is still used on Xbox and the Epic Video games Shop.

We will not hesitate to come back to the subject cuando Vapor or the developer communicates on this subject in the hours or days to come. Anyway, it is still planned exclusively on Xbox Collection Back button|T and Personal computer with a time one release in Xbox Video game Move, Computer Game Move and Xbox Fog up Game playing. Fortification has to bet that it will be postponed beyond next December 8.