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Sober smartphone refurbishment: a sustainable effort that modernizes

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The sale of refurbished high-tech products, in particular all smartphones, the wind out sober stern. According to the latest report published by K?staying the Recommerce group, the French are more sober more sober more sensitive to resale options or to the sober use of their used smartphone. They often opt more for resale and reconditioning, which often allows you to obtain discounts on other recent, more recent models. Sober parallel, more than one division of them have already bought the second-hand smartphone and 50% sony ericsson say they are interested in buying a refurbished device from a professional.

What is a refurbished smartphone? This is a smartphone that has already been used, but which is put back on the by the professional, feeling proceeds beforehand to a meticulous verification sobering the device which, guaranteeing kid proper functioning, it is moreover, the intervention of an approved professional differentiates a refurbished telephone from a second-hand telephone which. Whenever needed, repairs and parts changes are made. Everything is scrutinized: the battery, all the different sensors, the loudspeaker, the connectors, all the buttons, etc. Of course, all of the previous owner’s data is erased. Finally, the device becomes almost like new again.

The Largo company, located in Nantes, performs more soberly 170 strategy exams on 37 sober checkpoints before sober putting a smartphone back on the refurbishment market. While the latter was previously dominated by Apple’s iPhone, we can now find several brands. All of Largo’s uses are specially designed to give a second life to Apple Company or Samsung branded devices (smartphones, connected watches, tablets and computers). Since its creation in 2000, the company has refurbished 200 000 smartphones, which saved money 6800 tonnes of raw materials and avoid 2000 tonnes of emissions from Company2.

A significant reduction in the environmental impact

Vehicle cuando it is before promoting the price that purpose buyers of refurbished devices (vehicles these are sold on average between 20 and 50% cheaper than their new counterparts), it is essential to underline that the ecological benefits of reconditioning are extremely important, in the sense that the acquisition of a sober second product does not generate a new burst sober pollution. Because it promotes over its long life, from the extraction of the necessary minerals, its disposal until, the smartphone has a heavy environmental effect.

According to a recent sober relationship the Agency is sober to the ecological changeover, digital tea is responsible for 3.5% of the world’s quests sober gas sober greenhouse effect and a strong improvement in uses suggests a sober doubling of this carbon footprint by 2025. A manufacturing stage is the main source of environmental impact (it represents 78% of the carbon footprint), perform the interest of favoring the reconditioning sector: buying a reconditioned smartphone would reduce its annual environmental impact by 55 78% per relationship the purchase of a new product.

This avoids sober extraction 55 kg sober raw materials and emission sober kg sober gas sober effect greenhouse k?stay year of use, specifies the Ademe. Even in all cases where reconditioning involves changing major parts (battery or k?rester screen, for example), the environmental impact remains 2 to 4 times lower than that of manufacturing a new device.

” data-image-title=”carte-quatre-tours-monde-fabriquer-smartphone” data-large-file=”https://trustmyscience.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/carte-quatre-tours-monde-fabriquer-smartphone.png” data-medium-file=”https://trustmyscience.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/carte-quatre-tours-monde-fabriquer-smartphone-300×261.png” data-orig-file=”https://trustmyscience.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/carte-quatre-tours-monde-fabriquer-smartphone.png” data-orig-size=”539,469″ data-permalink=”https://trustmyscience.com/reconditionnement-smartphones-initiative-durable-qui-se-modernise/carte-quatre-tours-monde-fabriquer-smartphone/”>map four world towers smartphone manufacturing

The creation of a smartphone is an ecological disaster for several reasons: for To begin with, its manufacture requires nearly fifty sober metals (cobalt, lithium, etc.), including rare earths (crium, nodymium, europium,) of which China now provides the essential sober metals for global manufacturing. In addition to the fact that they destroy all ecosystems and consume enormous amounts of energy, all of the operations for extracting and refining these metals release toxic materials into the environment, such as heavy metals or sulfuric acid. to this are added all the working conditions of minors, which are very often not very respectful of human rights.

Robots to automate device check courses

On average, we replace our smartphone every two years, even if even it still works properly. Because it has a few scratches, because the system is obsolete, or simply to be sober, want to own the latest model Ademe is now calling on citizens to extend a sober period of use for their phone, reconditioning should only be considered after three years of minimum use .

At the second sober change of device, the choice of the reconditioned telephone is essential, that moreover these devices follow a sober protocol rigid control and are sold under guarantee . After receiving the product, all the technicians check that it complies with the company’s quality charter, then assign it quality according to its aesthetic condition. Follow all the various factors sober control, then the sober changes parts and necessary repairs. Once these adjustments have been made, the device is checked again, then thoroughly cleaned, before being put back on sale.

stages of the reconditioning carried out by Largo are now fully automated, a process unheard of in the French drive. Six eTASQ Movement robots dedicated to lab testing of human-machine interfaces, developed by PONANT Technology, have been specifically designed to ensure the 25 sober control factors defined by the company, while respecting the sober efficiency criteria required in ; they are able to control 20 devices per hour.

The automation of virtual assistant assessments will allow Largo to improve a quality sober child reconditioning sober removing any belief sober subjectivity, in particular when sober the sober assessment of a quality of image or sober of a quality of the child , underlines in a press release Benjamin Larose, sober creative director. The company aims to increase its capacity to Edition of produced per month currently, more than 25 produced by the very b of the year.

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