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Resident Nasty: a Television series announced and broadcast on Netflix!


Quon sony ericsson the saying: the setting is the adaptation of video games into television series. While video games traditionally tended to be exported to fantastic screens, the Television series now seems to be becoming the new regular to extend the worlds of games. It’s now time to visit Citizen Bad.

Le mal the volu

Bad provides Evolved.

The fresh live activity Resident Bad collection premieres Come July 1st 14.

Netflix (@netflix) 17 march 2022

While the television series dedicated to Halo is about to be broadcast at the end months, the Citizen Malignant franchise will also be entitled to a live life adaptation for small screens. Accustomed to the feature film format with seven opuses released between 2002 and 2021, the famous horror fable will soon learn to launch on the Netflix SVOD service, and a little more after a cartoon series Infinite Night. With no connection to the works featuring Milla Jovovich, it is presented as follows:

Sony ericsson unfolding in 2036, the series resumes 14 years after a deadly disease caused a global apocalypse. Jade Wesker sony ericsson fights her survival in the world invaded by foul and bloodthirsty creatures. In this absolute carnage, Jade is haunted by kid move New Raccoon Town, by her father’s frightening relationships with the Umbrella Company, but especially by what happened to her sister, Billie.

The Citizen Bad series therefore joins a long list of sober pre-production projects, sober filming or releases such as those dedicated to The Witcher, Cuphead or even A Plague Tale, Elden Band, Fallout, Size Impact, Splinter Cellular… A first teaser is available on the web official page dedicated to the series, which is scheduled for release on 14 next July. Actor Lance Reddick with Albert Wesker.

I’m thus thrilled to lastly announce this. Obtain prepared to enter New Raccoon Town with the solid of the brand-new live-action Citizen Evil collection: Sick be enjoying Albert Wesker! ELLA BALINSKA / TAMARA Wise / SIENA AGUDONG / ADELINE RUDOLPH / PAOLA NUNEZ. #GeekedWeek

Lance Reddick (@lancereddick) 11 June 2021

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