Rainbow 6 Removal: The Cigarette smoker is coming soon!


Released a little less than two months ago, Rainbow Six Removal continues its service game launch and unveils a new kind of Archen. As the Tornado Spiker comes out tomorrow, it’s time for the Cigarette smoker to enter the scene!

An enemy that will annoy you

The Cigarette smoker can reduce a team’s visibility while sober due to the smoke it releases. Once he notices the presence of a danger, he will charge and make a kamikaze attack. Killing a Cigarette Smoker creates a smokescreen, but if it explodes on its own, an area of ​​effect is larger.

Operators can detect the sober drones through walls in order to silently eliminate them. Boy stage weak is the stuff, by killing them this way they won’t release any toxic nubes into the environments.

Rainbow 6 Removal is available on Xbox Collection Back button|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Computer and it is included in the Xbox Sport Pass, the PC Video game Move and the Xbox Fog up Video gaming.