Flintlock: The Siege of Daybreak: Xbox Sport Pass Time A single for the game from Sober Ashen creators


The44 Video games, Ashen’s original facility, has just announced a new game with Flintlock: The Siege of Start. Slated for release this year, this learned open-world action-RPG comes today with a first in-game wrestling video.

The gate sober to the Beyond the capital has been opened, spewing forth the undead legions of the Old Gods. The living must form a coalition of last hope to survive. Go put a great pop mixing revenge, firearms and magic. Lead the ultimate assault against the pool of the dead to save humanity.

Here begins your fight.

Forge unforgettable bonds

Join Nor Vanek sober a coalition and a strange magical creature named Enki, and together sober battle with the gods go.

Triumph over superpowered beings

Challenge the gods. Master a demanding yet rewarding combat system that combines axes, firearms, and more magic. Land powerful combos and express your creativity with every encounter.

Dominate a vast champion sober in battle

Explore a dangerous open world. Fly over the sands of the desert, venture into labyrinthine ruins and unravel the techniques hidden in the gigantic City of Dawn while recruiting allies to support you in the final siege against the gods.