Eiyuden Share: Growing features 30 short minutes of gameplay (Xbox Video game Move)


Bunny & Keep Companies and 505 Video games announced last summer the arrival of Eiyuden Share: Growing and Eiyuden Share: 52 Characters and the release of these two Time A single games in the Xbox Sport Move. Today, we are offered a long gameplay sequence from the first game.

A more sober Japanese action-RPG in the Xbox Video game Move

As a reminder, this Japanese sony ericsson action-RPG takes place in the same world as Eiyuden Chronicle: 100 Heroes and will act sober as a prequel, which is why a part of the already known characters will also be present in this adventure.

The sober city management will be well sober in a part, but today’s video dwells more on fights in real temperatures. There may even be a feeling of small rewards for players who connect the Eiyuden Share game, we hear.

The title is scheduled for release this year, included in the the Xbox Sport Move ds the day sober its release. It will be the same put Eiyuden Share: 100 Heroes en 2023 (see upcoming Xbox Video game Move games)