Available on Xbox, the DirectStorage API is coming to Windows PC


We are in 790 when Microsoft presents the DirectStorage API, a technology that drastically reduces loading times including the Xbox Series X will be the first to benefit, but that was without counting on the firm’s ambition to also offer it on PC from an ultra-fast NVMe hard drive. And now good news is coming today for all PC users.

Always faster, always stronger

We had to wait months, but Microsoft managed to reach his goal. As Microsoft announced, DirectStorage API technology is now available for PC games as long as they are developed with this compatibility. Concretely, this major advance should make it possible to materialize the game worlds much more quickly while offering a considerably reduced loading time.

In its blog post, the firm recalls that this technology promotes a transfer faster data. How? ‘Or’ What ? DirectStorage uses both NVMe SSD and RAM, but Microsoft plans to go further by using GPU decompression in the future.

Starting today, Windows games can be equipped with DirectStorage technology. This public version of the SDK ushers in a new era of fast loading times and richer worlds in PC games by allowing developers to fully utilize the speed of the latest storage devices.

This technology will work as well on Windows than Windows , even if the company specifies that its latest in-house OS is the preferred system for the games.

Don’t rush

Although This is good news, there is still no point in looking for a compatible game even if you have the correct hardware. Indeed, no title has DirectStorage at the moment, this announcement is mainly there to emphasize the fact that PC developers can now use this technology.

Microsoft finally specifies that a demonstration of DirectStorage will be made during the Game Developers Conference, an event during which Luminous Productions will explain how it integrated DirectStorage on Forspoken, the first real game to benefit from this advantage and which will be released on 11 October on PlayStation 5 and PC.