Astro The10 gen II: sober new video gaming headsets land on Xbox Collection By|S i9000


Have you broken your headset and are you looking for a new one for your Xbox Collection or your PlayStation 5? Do not panic! Logitech has just released the new headset to compete with all the first prizes on the market.

A new competitor from the low-end range

Based on a first generation sober helmets A10, this new formula does not shake up the sober habits of a brand. These low priced helmets use soft materials to make them all flexible and impact resistant. Logitech seems to want to convince all eco-lovers claiming that these headsets have a sober neutral carbon footprint.

According to Thadeous Cooper , the sober advertising director ASTRO Logitech, this helmet the big t cr for the open public who was not interested in approaching a brand. Many improvements and features have been rented out to create a lightweight, comfortable and versatile headset for all the many ways to play today.

Five colors are offered for sale: purple, green, black, gray and white. Just like boy fantastic brother, the European start-up price is repaired 59,99 and it is suitable for Xbox Collection By|Ersus, PlayStation 5, Computer and Mac pc. Please note, as the sheet on the Logitech website indicates, the headset is therefore not suitable with the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4.