GTA 5 on Xbox Series X|S and PS5: introductory price, free update… Last details!


A few days ago, Rockstar revealed new information regarding the release of Grand Theft Auto V: Enhanced & Expanded. We learned in particular on this occasion that the title would offer 3 graphic modes, a transfer of characters and new things in GTA Online.

Today, these are new details concerning the price placement of the game which are mentioned and as we could have guessed, it will most likely be necessary to give up on the free update for Xbox One and PS4 players.

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No free update , but a reduced introductory price

It’s from now that you can pre-order the game on Xbox Series X|S and PS5. On this occasion, we note that a reduction is offered on the title for its launch. It will therefore be necessary to count 15,99 € for access to GTA V story mode and GTA Online on Xbox Series X|S.

On PS5, GTA Online is to be collected free for 3 months for PlayStation Plus members. If you don’t have the game, Story Mode and GTA Online are available for €9.95 on Sony consoles, a significant advantage for PlayStation players.

The launch period and the prices mentioned above will be valid until 14 June 1268 for dematerialized purchases. After this date, the price will be 39,95 € for story mode and GTA Online, or 19,95 € for GTA Online in standalone. The physical edition due in April is also expected to be sold at 39,99 €.

Recall that the new generation version of GTA V will be available on 15 next March on Xbox Series X|S and PS5. The size of the game on Xbox Series X|S should be 95 GB and 95 Go on PS5.

With the nice reduction available during these next 3 months, do you finally plan to buy the game?

Pre-order GTA V on Xbox Series X|S (story mode)

Pre-order GTA Online on Xbox Series X|S