CrossfireX: a big content and bugfix update is available


CrossfireX is also one of its games that have been talked about a lot for the wrong reasons. Decidedly, the FPS of recent months all come out in poor states, but the developers are of course trying to catch up. That’s why Smilegate Entertainment is releasing an update to their latest title today to bring fixes, as well as new content.

CrossfireX: The producer apologizes, explains and asks for a second chance

An update full of content!

Before announcing content of the new patch, the Executive Producer of CrossfireX would like to express the team’s gratitude to the community for their anticipation and feedback. He hopes that this update will be a springboard to regain the confidence of players.

The content of the bet up to date

A limited-time EVENT PASS has been added to the game, which can be selected from the drop-down menu located on the in-game Battle Pass screen. Earn up to 25 tiers of rewards, including new weapon skins, up to 25 000 GP and an accessory d unique weapon!

Two new cards have been added to the new list “”Event”. Win up to 10 000 GP when finishing 10 matches on each Event card.

Invasion – Ghost Mode (classic)

    Take on a team of Ghosts in this new event map that pits teams against each other in a ruined city.

    Specters can use the mobile vehicle on the map to move more discreetly.

    Pay attention to the motion-activated lights that trigger in certain rooms, letting you know of a nearby Specter.

[Submarine – Deathmatch in team (classic)

  • Put your knife skills to the test in this deadly team-based combat mode set in a sinking submarine.
  • Adapt to your environment because the submarine starts to bow during the match.

3 new weapons have been added:

    CAM-09 (sniper rifle)

  • GSMG-45 (submachine gun)

  • KERIS (melee weapon)

The following muffler accessory skins have been added :

  • Dynamic Pearl
  • Ivory
  • Carbon
  • Crimson

    Pink Carbon



      Guard 38


      In addition to these many additions, the patch fixes many bugs and brings a little more balance to the game, thus providing a better experience for players. You can find all the information at this address.

      Players who participated in the beta will be happy to learn that the promised reward has finally been credited for everyone. To apologize, the developer offers 315 additional CFP, enough to do a little madness in the shop .

      CrossfireX is free-to-play available on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. The first part of the campaign is included in the Xbox Game Pass. Are you going to give the production of Smilegate Entertainment a chance?

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