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Tricks to give medicine to babies

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Feeding babies is a daunting task for moms. Children are forced to take medicine. They do not like the bitter taste of the medicine and that is why they are afraid of taking the medicine. They just look at the medicine and refuse. Feeding a baby with medicine is a difficult task for any mom. If you make changes to the way your baby is fed, he or she will probably take your medicine more easily. What matters most is how you feed the baby. If the child refuses to take the medicine with a spoon, try giving him medicine with a dropper or oral syringe. If your previous method is not working then you should constantly change it. It will also let you know what tricks work on your child.

Give a reward

When you reward children, they are motivated. But you have to be careful not to reward your children for anything wrong. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. Give a book or sticker instead.

Try changing the flavor

In some cases children refuse to take the medicine because of the bad taste of the medicine. In that case, the taste of the medicine should be changed. You can give it by mixing its favorite drink with the medicine. Often moms give it by mixing sugar so that the children do not get the bitter taste of the medicine.


The technique of distracting some children works. Give them medicine when they are busy with their favorite work or even give medicine while watching cartoons.

Break the medicine

Children often have trouble swallowing medicine. In it you can break the medicine and feed it by mixing it in a few drops of water. Let the baby drink water immediately afterwards. This way the child does not have to swallow the medicine, which most children do not know

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